Morgan Rauscher is a business and technology strategist and developer.

Morgan Rauscher is a business and technology consultant with over a decade of experience. He has worked with more than 50 organizations ranging from fortune 500 to small private companies and the Canadian Government. Companies call Morgan when they have problems to solve or improvements to make. Morgan provides; strategic planning, business development, sales, marketing and management solutions. He is currently Lead Consultant at Trigger Shark Business and Technology Ltd. where he helps his clients start-up businesses, optimize growth, enhance performance, and sometimes even rescue companies from failing. His unique approach to business development starts with very accurately identifying the problem. 

A problem isn’t always easy to see because the negative effect you are looking at is usually a symptom of the problem, not the underlying cause. (MR)

Morgan is focused on finding the root of business development problems, so he can advice precision solutions and avoid wasting valuable time and resources. His clients typically face challenges like; pour customer service, lack of sales, management issues, technology deficiencies, growing pains and so on. Morgan’s diverse interdisciplinary experience gives him a unique ability to approach tough problems with creative solutions from many domains and he has hands on ‘front line’ experience, so he knows how to make things work. He loves ‘fixing things’ by using his targeted ideation and problem solving approach and he is focused on strategic process and technology improvement. Morgan enjoys working with all kinds of people and teams to maximize their potential.  His philosophy is; ‘treat everyone equally by identifying and capitalizing on their strengths and then lead your team from behind’.

I have found that with the right resources and planning, any problem can be managed or solved. It all starts with positive energy, practical guidance and easy to use performance boosting solutions. (MR)

Morgan’s creative work and research has also been featured internationally at Nuit Blanche Paris, the New York Science Museum and conferences in Portugal, Spain, China, Greece and the USA. His work moves between technological innovation and creative cultural and business production. He has published in a wide range of platforms from Popular Science and the Hamilton Arts & Letters magazines, to Make magazine and the cover of the Canadian Journal of Integrated Studies.